If you happen to eat at a McDonald’s fast food place, you may want to buy some French fries and take them home. You will be surprised at how long they last. Actually, you can keep them on top of your kitchen counter and eat them 8 or 10 weeks after you bought them. Not a bad deal, indeed!

What is in Mc Donald’s fries?

A few days ago I came across an amazing video presented by Claudia Schulz, the person behind www.BeWellMyFriends.com. The video shows, in a very graphic way, how McDonald’s French fries don’t break down for weeks. I guess the question is: what does McDonald’s puts in the food when they make fries?

Well, it seems they use all kind of “ingredients” in their French fries. Here are just a few:

  1. Potatoes
  2. Canola oil
  3. Corn oil
  4. Hydrogenated soybean oil
  5. TBHQ and citric acid (preservatives)
  6. Natural beef flavour (wheat and milk derivatives)
  7. Dextrose (sugar)
  8. Sodium acid pyrophosphate (to maintain colour)
  9. Salt
  10. Dimethylpolysiloxane (added as an antifoaming agent)

Do not miss this video; it is incredibly enlightening

I’ll let Claudia tell you the whole story behind McDonald’s ingredients. You can watch the video by clicking here: McDonald’s French Fries Preservative

Final word

One of the things that worry me most is that many of our children are eating these foods almost on a daily basis. I consider myself privileged been raised eating according to the Mediterranean Diet principles, but many of our kids are deprived of that privilege. We need to educate parents and the population in general so our children grow up in a healthy nutritional environment.


I am Andy Carpenter and I would start by saying that I have a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition Science conferred by California State University, Los Angeles and that I am certified as a Registered Dietitian.

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