During the past few days I have been posting in my blog several articles about the changes our heart and our arteries go through as we age. In doing the research on the subject I discovered, to my surprise, that age doesn’t affect these organs that much. Other things do.

What really causes our heart and our arteries to malfunction is not age, as I said, but health issues such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc. conditions that can be prevented in most cases.

What high blood pressure can cause

As you know, high blood pressure is a health condition that can lead to many of the health problems I have just mentioned. It is almost always at the bottom of our heart problems because it unleashes a series of events with very serious consequences. Just to give you an idea what hypertension can do in your body:

1. High blood pressure damages the arteries
2. Damaged arteries lead to the formation of plaque
3. The formation of plaque promotes clogged arteries
4. And clogged arteries cause heart attacks and strokes.
5. In addition, high blood pressure makes the heart work harder than it should. This extra work weakens the heart, which leads to congestive heart failure. Not a rosy picture, indeed.

One main cause of hypertension

Although not the only one cause of high blood pressure, but a very important one nevertheless, is an imbalance in our body cells between sodium and potassium. Because many people are not familiar with what to do about this problem, I have prepared a video that concentrates in this area and explains in depth how to remedy the situation.

So, it is with great pleasure I inform you that the video I have been working on, “The Best and the Worst High Blood Pressure Foods You Can Eat” is now available to be purchased here, at my “store”.

Keep also in mind that although there is medication available to control high blood pressure, it is always a better course of action to give nature a chance. We can do that by learning how to balance our diet. If you are taking any medicine for hypertension, wouldn’t be great to have your doctor taking you out of it or at least lowering the doses?

Remember however, that only your doctor is qualified to make that decision; if you are taking any medication, don’t discontinue it on your own because the consequences can be fatal.

Once again, here’s the link where you can purchase the video at the store. And when you’ve read it, and have had a chance to introduce the advice I give in the video into your life, drop me an email and let me know how you are benefitting from it!


I am Andy Carpenter and I would start by saying that I have a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition Science conferred by California State University, Los Angeles and that I am certified as a Registered Dietitian.

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