You may have read my articles on type 2 diabetes oral medication. Here is additional information on the harmful effects of Avandia for people who have a heart condition.

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Type 2 Diabetes Drug Avandia May Increase Heart Disease risk

Posted by Mary Roberts, November 19th, 2010
Diabetes drug is getting under investigation as Canadian health authorities have made announcements about restricting rosiglitazone, a pharmaceutical called Avandia. Tests have revealed that diabetes drug Avandia may entail severe heart issues.

The type 2 diabetes drug may favor a broad heart disease risk, that usually covers heart attacks, anginas, or substantial increases in body weight. According to healthcare officials, diabetes drug Avandia should not be prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with heart issues, even though the patient recovered from that cardiac issue. According to the same announcements made on Thursday, appropriate use of the rosiglitazone concerns a certain category of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes who were not responsive to other treatments based on oral medication.

The recommendation made by the agency reveals the fact that Avandia should be the last option for physicians when prescribing a diabetes drug to lower blood sugar. However, the health officials advised patients not to interrupt the treatment based on rosiglitazone before seeing their physician who is authorized to change the prescription. Besides restrictions, Health Canada has come up with a consent form that patients should sign if the physician hasn’t any other option.

In case a physician has to prescribe this drug or an old prescription needs renewal, the standard procedure is founded on the patient’s full understanding of heart disease risk and a signed consent form. GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of rosiglitazone-based drugs, provides access to consumer information and consent form on its Canadian website. Avandia is not the only drug impacted by the recent restrictions, the new recommendations include Avandamet and Avandaryl.


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