Besides its intense aroma and delicious taste, strawberries stand out for their numerous health benefits. We know that vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, three antioxidants par excellence, are found in strawberries, helping prevent damage to many body organs. But how about strawberries dipped in chocolate, are they also good for diabetics?

The Health Benefits of Strawberries

  1. They purify the digestive system. Strawberries are high in fibre: 3.3 grams per the above indicated serving. The fibre in food slows down the production of glucose in the body.
  2. One cup of strawberries contains 10 grams of carbohydrate, making it a suitable fruit for diabetics. Strawberries are considered low glycemic food.
  3. They are a great ally on the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure. About 8 strawberries have 240 mg of potassium and 1.44 mg of sodium, an excellent proportion to keep maintain healthy blood pressure. This, in turn, prevents strokes.
  4. They prevent anaemia. 8 strawberries contain about 0.55 mg of iron. Our body does not absorb as much iron from food plants as from animal foods, but in the case of strawberries, the absorption is enhanced because of the substantial amount of vitamin C contained in this fruit, 82 mg.
  5. Vitamin C helps repair damage in the body and it is an important nutrient in promoting a healthy immune system.
  6. They help the body fight certain rheumatic disorders, including arthritis. Strawberries are high in polyphenols components that reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. These two processes have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and pulmonary disease.
  7. In addition to the antioxidant trio, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene, strawberries contain several essential minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and phosphorous, all of which have a beneficial impact in our health.

Calories in Strawberries?

85% of strawberries composition is water. A cup of strawberries (about 8 whole pieces) contains barely 42 calories, making it a superfood to maintain and reduce weight.

The health benefits of chocolate?

If you are diabetic and you are reading this article, you may be wondering if it is healthy to dip strawberries in chocolate or if this combination will ruin the health benefits you may obtain from eating the strawberries. To help you with this dilemma, here are some chocolate facts:

  1. Chocolate is high in minerals. Cocoa is probably one of the foods that contain more minerals. 100 grams of cocoa powder contains 14 mg of iron. It is a good source of potassium, chromium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese, minerals that our body needs for good functioning.
  2. Our bodies can be absorbed up to 93% of the iron found in cocoa powder. The best way to obtain the minerals our body needs is to get them from foods. Chocolate is high in antioxidants. Studies have found that a 40-gram milk chocolate bar has the same polyphenol content than a 150 ml glass of red wine.
  3. A cup of hot chocolate with two tablespoons of cocoa has about 145 mg of polyphenols. We know that the fat in chocolate doesn’t become rancid due to the antioxidants contained in cocoa.
  4. Chocolate has a low glycemic index. When the glycemic index of a food is low (below 40%), that food releases glucose to the blood at a pace that the body cells can absorb it and convert it into energy. The chocolate powder containing 75% or more cocoa and with no sugar has a glycemic index of 25. The chocolate powder containing 85% cocoa, has a glycemic index of just 20. Just remember that chocolate with a high amount of sugar or sweet fillings has a higher glycemic index.
  5. Chocolate is high in chromium, a mineral essential for diabetics since it helps with a correct metabolism of glucose. Dark chocolate has been found to have a higher amount of chromium than many whole foods.

And here is the one million dollar question

So, are strawberries dipped in chocolate healthy for diabetics? The answer is YES. And to help you with this endeavour here is a video that will show you how to prepare them.

Final words

You can have this delicacy during the holidays without feeling guilty since it is a healthy option for many other sweets. Remember, however, that portions also count when it comes to calories.

If you enjoy preparing healthy chocolate treats for your family and friends, I would like to recommend a book I found on how to make all sort of chocolate goodies with raw vegan chocolate. You may want to read the review I made of the book by clicking here: “Healthy and Very Easy Recipes with Raw Vegan Chocolates”.


I am Andy Carpenter and I would start by saying that I have a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition Science conferred by California State University, Los Angeles and that I am certified as a Registered Dietitian.

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